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Why Choose Electronics Value Recovery?

01. Value

At Electronics Value Recovery, we believe in providing the best value for our clients. Whether providing service on a one time project or consulting on a long term disposition strategy, EVR believes in protecting its customers from unnecessary costs. Towards this end, we take great pride in our ability to offer some of the best returns on IT assets in the industry. 

02. Service

We like to distinguish ourselves through the quality of service that we deliver. EVR demonstrates our integrity by following through on all projects agreed upon between EVR and our clientele and remaining responsive through out the process. To this end, we make ourselves available to answer any questions or elaborate on any particular aspect of a job up until its completion. When you bring on EVR for a project, you can rest easy knowing that you are receiving some of the top quality, dedicated service that the industry has to offer.

03. Fun

We believe that enjoying our work allows to be a more productive company and ultimately deliver our clients with an overall better experience. For this reason, we strive to not only have an internal company culture where EVR is a fun place to work but also be a company where we are fun to work with. Often, aspects of the recovery process are rewardingly surprising and the methods in which we maximize the value of your IT products can be exhilarating, both sentiments which we hope we will have the opportunity to share with you!

Our History

Electronics Value Recovery was founded by industry veterans Matthew Young and Andrew Portare with the goal of maximizing the value and extending the life cycle of used electronics.  While serving in in executive roles for some of the nation’s largest electronics recyclers, Matthew and Andrew spent the past decade working to learn and optimize the supply chain surrounding the management of e-waste.

During one meeting together, they began discussing what a new industry partner might look like, one that could provide high- quality optimization and value recovery services to other industry organizations. As a result of this discussion, Electronics Value Recovery was formed.

Today, EVR works hard to maximize the value of IT assets that are discarded by organizations. All too often, electronics are disposed before their true value can be recognized, regardless of the disposition process. Through revenue sharing programs and scrap expertise, EVR endeavors not only to provide partners with top recovery optimization services, but to do so in a way that is financially rewarding and viable.


Discover how Electronics Value Recovery can help your organization today!

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