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Electronics Recycling

When Electronics Value Recovery is unable to find a reuse channel for IT assets, we proactively scrap and recycle electronics in order to ensure all federal, state, and local regulations are met. In addition to this, EVR proudly commits to a Zero Landfill Policy in an effort to keep our service environmentally friendly and our world clean. 

Core components to our Electronics Recycling services include:

On-site Pickup

Our fully trained crew of electronics recyclers are available to pick up and transport electronics to our sorting facility. When starting a new job with EVR, our logistics specialists will work with you to help find the most economical way to transport your e-waste. 

Commodity Recovery

When possible, we will attempt to recover the raw materials from used electronics. While the recovery of these materials is specific to the device, some of the raw materials we are able to recover include Gold, Silver, Aluminum, Steel, Copper, Plastic, and Lead. 

Responsible Downstream Recycling


When in the rare case that we are unable to handle a particular asset, we have an industry-leading partner to help dispose of the material. We regularly audit our e-waste partners to ensure that they have the same commitment to following e-waste regulations and guidelines.

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