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IT Asset


Electronics Value Recovery is a service-driven value recovery partner providing end-of-life asset management services to improve the results of your organization’s IT disposition process. 

Core components to our It Asset Disposition services include:

Customizable Reporting

With the ability to tailor our reporting to fit a customer's specific needs, we work with our partners to provide them with the data they need in order to run their IT Departments, and ensure regulatory compliance.  

Remarkable IT Asset Remarketing

EVR provides our customers with a revenue split whenever we are able to reintroduce retired IT assets into the reuse market. By combining veteran industry and market knowledge with empirical data, we optimize our recovery process and provide our customers with exceptional returns. 

Responsible Electronics Recycling

In cases where EVR is unable to find a reuse market for IT assets, we work within a network of premier scrap and electronics recycling partners to ensure all material is properly handled. EVR proudly commits to a zero-landfill policy and meets all state and federal regulatory requirements. 

Rigorous Data Destruction

For any security-conscious customer, protecting the data stored on electronic devices is paramount. Understanding that these devices can be most vulnerable during disposition, EVR provides data destruction services that include chain-of-custody documentation as well as a Certificate of Destruction. 

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