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6 Reasons to Buy Refurbished Electronics This Holiday Season

The holidays are upon us and it seems no matter how soon you start, there’s always some last minute gift to purchase. Just as we helped you green your “Back to School” shopping list by [, here are six ways you can green your holiday list.

1. Empty Wallet Thankfully, you’re almost done your holiday shopping because you’ve overspent…again. Then you realize you still need a gaming console for your youngest. Refurbished consoles are a great choice because they are designed to last and new models don’t differ substantially from older models.

2. Cost of College You’re so excited your oldest is going to make it home from college after all. But their laptop died just after finals and they need a new one – an expense you weren’t expecting on top of the plane ticket. Refurbished laptops are approximately half the cost of new models.

3. The Good Child When you were home visiting your parents for Thanksgiving, you noticed your Dad was having difficulty with FaceTime on his phone. It would be so much easier for him with a tablet. With a tablet’s larger screen, it’s easier to read e-books and a great option for face-timing with family.

4. Remote Work Your company finally decided to let you work from home permanently. You’ve watched your kids sit cross-legged on the sofa using their laptops but you’ve never felt comfortable working that way. It’s time to set up a “real” office, complete with a desktop. You’re a boomer after all! With the hybrid model of working both from home and the office, the demand has increased for laptops but decreased for desktops, making refurbished units more plentiful and economical.

5. Economics 2023 The global economy appears to be headed toward a recession. Rapidly rising inflation and interest rates have business leaders tightening their budgets so maybe you should too. But…you’d still like to replace that laptop with a desktop. Reduce your expenses now by choosing refurbished over new.

6. Tree Hugger Admit it, you are. The volume of e-waste was 58 million tons in 2019 and only approximately 22% of it was recycled. The EPA estimates that electronics are responsible for 70% of the toxic waste in landfills, potentially contaminating the soil, groundwater and nearby waterways. You want to be part of the solution, not part of the problem!

Refurbished computers, tablets and laptops go through a thorough vetting process. They are inspected, tested and repaired with new parts. Cosmetically, they are restored to “like new” condition. Reputable firms offer reasonable return policies and warranties. Wrap up shopping with gifts that check all the boxes: economical, green, sustainable and local!

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