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Whether seeking a partner for an immediate project or a long term strategy, a consultation with Electronics Value Recovery can make a world of difference in enhancing the value of your used electronics. EVR is able to offer outright purchase quotes, as well as consignment strategies to maximize our client's revenue.

Core components to our Value Recovery services include:

1. Intelligent Asset Management

After documenting important details, EVR combines veteran industry knowledge with deep empirical data to roadmap the maximum revenue potential for your electronics. Sensitive assets can be segmented to ensure proper handling in compliance with regulatory requirements.

2. Calculated Asset Recovery

EVR’s mission is to extract the maximum value out of every electronic item it receives. Taking into account the logistical and operational costs, EVR provides refurbishing, de-installation, recycling, or remarketing services for each asset to maximize its value in resale or commodity markets.

3.  Superior Customer Service

EVR differentiates itself through responsive customer service, going above and beyond to meet all customer objectives. Each EVR customer receives a detailed settlement report that indicates how each asset was handled, the value recovered from each asset, and any potential fees associated with the process. 

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